Lighting Consultancy

Lighting Consultancy

- Obtaining lighting requirement

- Define the goals

- Create lighting scenario

- Concept innovation

- Lighting design simulation

- Luminaries selection

As a fact Lighting Consultancy dramatically linked to interior design and architectural design. The main challenge in lighting design is how to emphasize the texture, shadow, highlight, glow, and create the accent of interior lighting to pop-up displayed products as well as interior design.

All these are the terms that HSI design team use on a regular basis to explain our lighting design concepts. Without these, it would be impossible to perceive the light effect in architectural. 

In retail space emphasizing on the products which are going to present at the showroom is as important as an innovative interior design concept. The type of products itself could effect on lighting scenarios in terms of selecting the type of light fixture, color temperature control system,…

Information required for lighting design:

• The type of the space and how is used

• Spatial dimensions

• Complete design documentation

• AutoCAD drawings

• Photographic and drawn documentation (layout and height of the furniture,

how space is equipped)

• Information about the type and color of all surfaces

The type of space and its use are the basic criteria upon which we determine technical and lighting parameters such as minimum illumination levels, lighting uniformity, and color rendering.

In order to be able to design a suitable lighting solution that fulfils all requirements, we require comprehensive information about the space including the final design documentation.

When determining the lighting we need to consider not only the type of space and workspace specifications but also the types and finishes, textures and material of surfaces even the product which going to be displayed.

The color of walls, ceilings and furniture, as well as their position with space, have a direct influence on how users will perceive the lighting intensity. For that reason, customers need to provide us, along with full design documentation, also detailed drawings and photographs of the space.


Luminaire selection

The last stage of lighting design is selecting appropriate Luminaires includes a comprehensive consultation and light calculation. The choice of a luminaire is based on various lighting technical requirements which designer proposes. 

Every space requires different illumination and therefore different luminaires. It is important to select luminaires that provide appropriate color rendition and glare levels. The design team should focus on other technical parameters and details, such as the optical system, light distribution, efficacy and the mounting type in order to select the best Luminaries. We will help you choose the most appropriate design and the light source for your needs.