Series of HSI Track Lighting producs are available in latest LED lighting engineering. Die-cast modern body design, brilliant light, power and quantity combined with flexibility in positioning make this model suitable to use as accent display lighting and ambient lighting.

LED Track lighting products


Downlights are one of the most popular lighting choices for any home, bringing a seamless sophistication to your kitchen, bathroom or living areas. Also available dimmable options for versatility. With cleverly designed reflectors, HSI LED downlights to ensure high-precision light distribution.

LED Down lighting products


Multiple headed downlights (or downlight plates) are great for an easy fix creating double, triple or quadruple light. Adjustable headed multiples can be directed in various ways to highlight areas as required.

LED Multiple Donw lighting products


Light up your life with our energy efficient high performance LED luxury sconces. Our luxury LED lighting fixtures offer high quality lighting designs with efficient lighting. Available in 24K gold plated body, delivering unbound aesthetics.

LED Multiple Donw lighting products


In modern, future-fit office structures, this knowledge is reflected by equipping open office landscapes with diverse functional zones. Our LED lighting solutions for offices provide excellent working atmospheres and help you create productive and pleasant working environments.

LED Multiple Donw lighting products


Critical challenges in the lighting industry are to provide a luminaire that produces clean, accurate and controllable lighting with high color rendering, moreover this controlling the heat generated by luminaire is very important when the luminaire is going to lit heat sensitive products like cosmetics, leather goods, jewelry . . . HSI developed numerous LED luminaire which technically meets lighting furniture requirement.

LED Multiple Donw lighting products