best light quality


We are using unique chip structure which offers high light-extraction efficiency, high power, low thermal resistance, and excellent reliability from the most famous brand in the market to improve the light quality. This chip structure along with many years of refining the manufacturing process enables us to produce high-performance light. We always source the LED […]

Best MECHANICAL Engineering of LED

Mechanical Engineering of Luminaire

The strategy of Luminaire design is designing the housing and selecting the material to provide the sufficient protection for LEDs and create the products that a part of meeting the technical requirements should be designed for reparable parts, simple system for replacing the component and satisfy aesthetic taste of the clients as well. It is […]


Concept Design of a new luminaire or improving existing one could be started because of our team recognize the need for the market or for increasing and upgrading the product range with considering the latest available technology or improved component. The first step in any project is deciding to which direction to go and define […]

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