Series of HSI Track luminaire is available in latest LED lighting engineering. Die cast modern body design , brilliant light power and quality combined with flexibility in positioning make this model suitable to us.

Series of HSI Track luminaire is available in latest LED lighting engineering. Diecast modern body design, brilliant light power and quality combined with flexibility in positioning make this model suitable to use as accent display lighting or ambient lighting.

Multiple headed downlights (or downlight plates) are great for an easy fix creating double, triple or quadruple light. Adjustable headed multiples can be directed in various ways to highlight areas as required.

Light up your life with our energy efficient high performance LED luxury sconces. Our luxury LED lighting fixtures offer high quality lighting designs with efficient lighting. Available in 24K gold plated body, delivering unbound aesthetics.

Series of HSI Track luminaire is available in latest LED lighting engineering. Die cast modern body design , brilliant light power and quality combined with flexibility in positioning make this model suitable to us.

Downlights are one of the most popular lighting choices for any home, bringing a seamless sophistication to your kitchen, bathroom or living areas. Also available dimmable options for versatility. With cleverly designed reflectors, HSI LED downlights to ensure high-precision light distribution.


Technical Advisory

In point of fact, lighting design is combination of science and art to provide lighting solution to create aesthetic lighting concept which meets  client/lighting designer`s technical specification and requirement . The selection of the right light is decisive for successful lighting solution.

We present lighting applications in varied sectors from retail, residence, restaurants, offices  as far as educations [read-more…]



Customer Services

We provide professional LED Luminaire repair services in UAE. We started fixing LED Luminaires since 2013 and we have been gaining technical expertise to fix the LED Luminaire over this period. We are also the onliest repair center in UAE to provide chip-level repairs for your LED Luminaire.  [read-more…]

Customize Luminary Design

In point of fact, Luminaire design is a combination of science and art to make the luminaire which creates aesthetic pleasure and meet the required technical specification. The design relies on a combination of specific scientific principles, established standard and aesthetic factors [read-more…]

What else comes from HSI ?

Sales Force

Our knowledgeable sales force can and will assist clients and provide with the information which is required to make well informed and right decision when implementing and energy-reduction program.

GCC Coverage

we have obtained All necesary documentation for SASO , KuKAS , ESMA , CB certificates , it is Foundation for hassle-free Export .

Customized lighting Solution

In-house fabrication Facilities made it easy for us to meet and provide almost all especial indoor lighting requirements.


We have our own lighting Application Center “LAC” which is place for customers and professionals to directly interact with our products and their lighting Concepts.

Exploded view of CASCO mini Luminary


EuroShop 2017 – Dusseldorf, Germany.

Euroshop, The worlds, No.1 retail trade fair was held in Dusseldorff, Germany from 5th to 9th of March, 2017. Comprised of wide range of industries including lighting, Visual merchandising, Retail technology, POP marketing and Expo & Event Marketing. H.S.I lighting was located in hall No. 09/001, with a mind blowing display concept of our products. Having received excellent feedbacks from visitors all over the world, H.S.I is intending to be a regular participant in Euroshop in the coming years.

3RD ILDC 2017 – Tehran, Iran.

ILDC which is Iran Lighting Design Conference draws a diverse group of participants including lighting designers, architect’s, Industries, Clients from all over the world annually to craft a rich and distinctive conference experience on lighting issues. H.S.I was an active participant in the 3rd ILDC held in Olympic hotel, Tehran From 9-13 January 2017 in partnership with government bodies, public & private sectors, and a network of more than 1500 lighting researchers & experts.

INDEX 2016 – Dubai, UAE.

Index, the International Design Exhibition took place its 26th edition in May 2016. Being the largest event for interior design in Middle East & North Africa, over 19 countries placed their pavilions. H.S.I got the opportunity to witness this greatest event of MENA, being a keen visitor among the 20,000 attendees. We had the chance to view products and learn about services, ask questions and place new product orders on various home or office furnishings, hopefully, at a great price.

INDEX EXPO 2015 – Dubai, UAE.

Index is the biggest sourcing platform for the interior & design industry across the GCC. Hosting over 720 global brands and suppliers from more than 50 countries, Index is the perfect event for architects, interior designers, retail & wholesale buyers, procurement specialists, developers & project managers. H.S.I was one among the most competing participants in Index Exhibition 2015 & 2016 spanning 30,000 sq.m, visitors will have access to 19 country pavilions covering arrange of styles and budgets.


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Fairs and Events

Attendance in lighting Events

INDEX2016 Dubai, UAE
INDEX2015 Dubai, UAE
Euroshop 2017 Dusseldorf, Germany
ILDC 2017 Tehran, Iran

The Projects orientation

we mainly focus on the retail and indoor architectural lighting ,
we have accomplished several projects in different categories including

  • Fashion and retail
  • jewelery Shops
  • offices and commercial
  • hotels and residential
  • Airport terminals
  • Electronics
Fashion and retail
jewelery Shops
offices and commercial
hotels and residential
Airport Terminal

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The HSI Lighting is an established organization with a renewed mission. In 2008, the organization took the name HSI extracted from “HUE, Saturation, Intensity” which is engaged with all visible substance in the planed in recognition of its new identity as an association that represent both companies and professionals working in the lighting industry.

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Best MECHANICAL Engineering of LED

Mechanical Engineering of Luminaire

The strategy of Luminaire design is designing the housing and selecting the material to provide the sufficient protection for LEDs and create the products that a part of meeting the technical requirements should be designed for reparable parts, simple system for replacing the component and satisfy aesthetic taste of the clients as well. It is […]


Concept Design of a new luminaire or improving existing one could be started because of our team recognize the need for the market or for increasing and upgrading the product range with considering the latest available technology or improved component. The first step in any project is deciding to which direction to go and define […]

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